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Mencius Moldbug has proposed that the United States can be understood as being divided into five ‘castes’, or social groups with shared notions of prestige; and that the red/blue, left/right, Democrat/Republican divide – and much of the domestic history of the Twentieth Century – can be understood in terms of a conflict between what he terms “Optimates” and “Brahmins” and their ... This is well-done, insightful, and even comparatively civil.. The diremption: Moldbug, by laying an immense foundation, was complex enough to be interpreted in very distinct manners.NRx concentrates on his economic writings and proposed solutions: stockholder sovereigns, Patchwork, block-chain protocols, exit, financial incentives, Austrianism, [Bitcoin], ‘the reset’. Latest Articles from Mencius Moldbug Against Mencius Moldbug’s ‘Neoreaction’ – National Review. Posted: June 5, 2017 at 7:20 am. A few years belatedly, I have spent several recent days binge-reading the famous discontinued blog of Mencius Moldbug, also known as Curtis Yarvin, a computer scientist and entrepreneur who as some kind of half-advertent side project founded with his writings the small but noisome new school of ... Enter Patchwork, Mencius Moldbug’s inspiring vision of a political system for the 21st century. Patchwork’s innovative design, which relies on sovereign joint-stock republics with cryptographic governance, brings the promise of clean streets, negligible crime, invincible robot armies, and world peace.

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Urbit - Mencius Moldbug - Personal Cloud Community Gathering Sept 2013

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