AMA Request - lpkane / After ESEA sold out to ESL ...

Would you switch from ESEA to CEVO today if they added a matchmaking/lobby system?

I pay money for ESEA. The only reason I don't play CEVO is, I want to be able to click a button and queue up for a match. I'm just not going to sit waiting in a half-empty server for 20 minutes, hoping it will fill up. IMO this is the most major problem with CEVO, it's just way too frustrating to find a match.
Everything else (servers, skill ranking system, etc) can be fixed in the future :) I'd rather deal with that than ESEA client.
ESEA is boring, I get pretty tired of "playing with the pros" when roca from team elevate aces the entire team of puggers 16 rounds in a row, I'd rather play CEVO anyway, not to mention lpkane bitcoin rootkits
I'm sure I will get a ton of "No i prefer ESEA cuz thats where the best players are!" I get that, but I'm interested to see how many people WOULD switch. I'm betting we could get at least 100-200 people
edit: more "yes" replies than I feel like counting.
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Oh no!!! Mr evil lpkane is taking popflash moonies away! Halp keep popflash away from esea bitcoin!!!

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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: AMA Request - lpkane / After ESEA sold out to ESL. /r/GlobalOffensive

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New ESEA client update allows ESEA client to always run

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Ryan from RushB about this subreddit / community hate against Few from ESEA

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NA Players Forced to Choose between ESEA and IEM

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can i pay ESEA with bitcoins?

i got like 10€ in bitcoins just laying in my account... is it possible to pay esea with my monneyy? thanks!
EDIT : lol the upvotes :D
EDIT : I didn't even know about this esea mining thing before the post :DDD
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Hey guys CS made it on the BBC... oh wait. Shit.

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This subreddit and ESEA

As a long time ESEA player and /globaloffensive surfer, I'm really curious why the majority of this subreddit gets antagonized every time ESEA gets brought up.
Please reply to this with a specific reason as to why you hate ESEA and I'll try to change your mind or debunk what you've been told. I just feel that the bandwagon is getting out of control. No need to upvote this, I just want to have a civil discussion
I'm not affiliated with ESEA at all. Just curious
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ESEA Updates Client Terms of Service, Clearly States Invasiveness

Last night, without much fanfare, the ESEA client updated it's terms of use.
Monitoring and Collection of Data Licensee acknowledges and agrees that ESEA CLIENT software is self-updating, which means that future updates will, from time to time and without any notice, automatically be downloaded and installed as a normal and expected function of ESEA CLIENT software. BY INSTALLING THE ESEA CLIENT YOU CONSENT TO THE AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLATION OF ESEA CLIENT FILES AND UPDATES.
Licensee further acknowledges and accepts that ESEA CLIENT software may be considered invasive. Licensee understands that ESEA CLIENT software inspects and reports information about the computer on which it is installed to other connected computers and Licensee agrees to allow ESEA CLIENT software to inspect and report such information about the computer on which Licensee installs ESEA CLIENT software.
Licensee understands and agrees that the information that may be inspected and reported by ESEA CLIENT software includes, but is not limited to, devices and any files residing on the hard-drive and in the memory of the computer on which ESEA CLIENT software is installed. Further, Licensee consents to allow ESEA CLIENT software to transfer actual screenshots taken of Licensee’s computer during the operation of ESEA CLIENT software for possible publication. Licensee agrees that any harm or lack of privacy resulting from the installation and use of ESEA CLIENT software is not as valuable to Licensee as the potential ability to play interactive online games with the benefits afforded by using ESEA CLIENT software. BY INSTALLING THE ESEA CLIENT SOFTWARE YOU CONSENT TO THE INSPECTION, COLLECTION AND REPORTING OF SCREENSHOTS, SOFTWARE, DEVICE AND PROCESS INFORMATION REGARDING THE COMPUTER ON WHICH THE ESEA CLIENT IS INSTALLED.
Additionally, many users are experiencing poor game performance post update.
I for one am okay with a more invasive client if it means catching more cheaters, though Bitcoin mining is a different story. There's a calculated risk to using any software. Hopefully, they'll work the bugs out.
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CEVO should become the new ESEA, and FACEIT should become the new CEVO.

So with the shitstorm that ESEA is in right now, this would be a great time for the other 3rd party clients (mainly CEVO) to step up their game. I've been a strong supporter of ESEA and don't care too much about the new update, but it's the way that lpkane responds to it that's pissing me off. I think if CEVO became a pay to play service only, I would consider moving to CEVO. Only reason I like ESEA more is because little kids and low tier players don't flood their servers like they do in CEVO and FACEIT. CEVO has a really good opportunity to shine here, and can become the go to client for CSGO. FACEIT also has an opportunity to step up as the go to free client for CSGO. Would really like to see these two companies make some big moves soon.
tldr; Should make CEVO pay to play thus becoming the new go to 3rd party client. FACEIT would then be the go to free 3rd party client.
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KuPPeRz - ESEA's corrupt ways and my wrongful ban's effect.

As some of you know, I was a member of ESEA before a ban wave by none other than co-founder lpkane rolled through in the middle of July. Being done by a corrupt co-founder that has no business pretending he knows how anti-cheat works leads me to believe he manually banned people for small triggers because their anti-cheat team is non-existent, or he manually banned a bunch of people without going through and making sure they did or didn't. Pretty much the same thing I guess, but it's all that makes sense. These bans came in waves, IN FUCKING WAVES! How does that make sense? Someone please explain how bans come in waves when they are all known. I can tell you why; because they were compiling a list for a bunch of people that didn't cheat for the sole purpose of wanting people to believe their shit still works. Maybe there were some cheaters involved in it, but I am 100% positive I was not the only person banned for something I never did during that ban wave.
After 3 whole months of countless attempts to reach support, including contacting lpkane and torbull himself, how could I not believe that? They have destroyed the little reputation I had, labeled me as a cheater, and refuse to help me. Why? Is there any logical explanation behind this? How can you ban someone that never cheated without knowing they cheat? The answer is simple; They don't know shit, and they don't care. I'm a victim of a corrupt company's actions to try and maintain trust within their organization from the people they have wronged. The sacrifice is casting out individuals by hyping the community up for catching what we all despise (cheaters), then showing no remorse in the follow-up, sticking by their word and making it seem like everything is ok. The little known facts is hard to understand from an outside perspective, but if you really let it soak in and begin to think where this company would be if we all decided to stand up against them in a #NA Revival format this would force opposition and their doors would automatically be open for fairness and change.
The only reason it would change is because of Torbull, he's a good guy but unfortunately when I reached out to him he completely ignored me. I even attempted to contact other known players such as teknikel, devastation, and theguy to try and do comparisons with our configs, hardware, drivers, etc to present to torbull and have it tested to try and get somewhere but even that didn't work. If I was banned for cheating when I never did why would I not believe these guys? I've seen and heard a lot of people sticking up for them too. They just don't give two shits. I will hold that against Torbull for refusing to help because it shows me what kind of person i've been giving my money to, but at the same time I know he's a guy that will do what he can to make sure his company stays afloat. Lpkane? Not so much, he's shown that time and time again on the forums.
Put yourself in my shoes for just a minute, that's all i'm asking. You are banned on ESEA for cheating when you never have, you're playing this game as a passion, you're having a ton of players trusting a company that went behind their loyal, supporting member's backs to extract virtual currency without their consent, then when it comes to a wrongful ban I try to explain, people are quick to jump the gun and say people don't get banned for cheating if they don't cheat? Really guys? I understand you want someone to blame but seriously? There's been so much trash talk towards me and others it's unbelievable. People i've supported, rooted for, had no problems with, making up lies about me, adding me on steam to trash talk, it's more than fucked up.There are a lot of people that stand behind me that know I don't cheat, and there's a lot of people I respected that actually believe I do. In all honesty, I don't blame you and I forgive you. How could I hold it against you for being harsh towards me when i'd do the same? The answer is simple; I didn't know how fucked up ESEA was until I was banned, so i'd support ESEA's decision.But you are absolutely dead wrong about that and you are a fool to believe their anti-cheat is close to the best in the world.
There's been countless times people have brought up the fact that ESEA owns organner, threads deleted based on claims that individuals had proof of this, ESEA knows who uses it but refuses to do shit, ESEA won't ban cheaters, they ban people who try to expose them.Their support system is more punishing to the dedicated member trying to help than the ones that get away with it, we all know this for a fact.
Let's be completely honest about a couple things, facts that are relative to my post and the lack of explanation by ESEA that leads me to believe this is a company that can claim all they want about rising and making things better, but in all reality they are plummeting, and professional players are the root of it's foundation so if they turn their backs on this company and wake up, ESEA will be forced to change or become obsolete, opening the doorway for other companies. I long for the day but it probably won't happen. There was solid proof and talk from Jaguar himself a while ago about how Torbull and lpkane, knew that the bitcoin operation was in effect That's not what we heard from lpkane though did we? lpkane was caught in several lies, and Jaguar himself dismissed the claims both co-founders made on the forums, stating it was done by one individual. Not only that, but we're all well aware the amount of money claimed to have been mined was nowhere near the actual amount. But you want to trust them right?
During the banwave, I remember seeing one of those individuals banned I knew without a doubt was cheating. It doesn't go without saying that I have at times been a sore loser, calling people cheaters without proof, acting like a baby and refusing to believe they just whomped my shit legit... i'm not innocent when it comes to calling people out. Two people i've called cheaters and actually apologized to later on because I realized that I was in fact just being a sore loser. Got my ass owned, no big deal, move on, act like an adult. Well, this guy that was banned was one of those guys I had on my suspect list, he was banned. I remember going on his guestbook, commenting on his ban, I went outside to enjoy summer air and make a phone call, only to come back inside with a crazy amount of steam messages from a ton of people... I was banned. I can't even begin to explain what was going through my mind, but I just kept telling myself there was no way possible they would keep me banned, it's a huge mistake. People that are banned for cheating are cheaters, so why am I banned? How could they possibly mistake me for a cheater when I have never done such a thing? I told everyone I didn't cheat, that it was a mistake, there was no way I would stay banned...but here we are, 3 months later and they have kept me banned, labeling me as a cheater, something I have absolutely never done in my life and never even thought about doing so. Where's the justification? You are all bound by loyalty for the only company we can be in to continue a passion that doesn't deserve it? You can continue to believe them, but the fact of the matter is you want to believe their system works when it doesn't.
This isn't all of it, but in all reality I waited and waited for it to be fixed, so now that I realize they are going to keep treating me like shit I decided to finally make the reddit post in regards to the treatment i've been given. It's unfair, it's very disrespectful and it goes entirely against what their company should truly stand for. I'm kicked out of matchmaking lobbies by my own team because of ESEA's claim, I am harassed everywhere I go, I cannot deathmatch without it, i'm banned from several servers i've been playing in for a long time because of their ESEA ban list plugin, and i've been manually banned by communities because of ESEA's claims, here's an example;
I tried playing cevo but the skill gap from cevo to esea is too far in between for me to even try to play. People expect me to hide who I am, like I have a guilty conscience or something. I won't ban evade and give them my money with the way they treated me, they don't deserve anyone's money. I'm also not going to let it sit anymore, you all need to be aware because I highly doubt this is the first time it's happened.
Once again, I will not hide who I am, and I will not hide the truth either. It's your choice to believe who you want. I cannot convince you that you're wrong but i'll be damn sure i'm going to try.
gank: iIn my personal experience
gank: I've never seen anything to think u cheat
gank: I've played with you
gank: I know your character
gank: I trust you as a person more than the AC
gank: I think you're a man of your word
gank: and I don't think you cheat
gank: If you cheat you wouldn't be working so hard to get unbanned
gank: If you cheat you wouldn't have put in all those hours trying to perfect your aim
gank: You wouldn't be asking questions
gank: Trying to get better
gank: You'd just have cheated
gank: and been able to accept the consequences
KuPPeRz ♛: Good understanding people are hard to come by nowadays, and I've always respected you standing behind me. I thank you for that.
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So... What happened to ESEA?

So about two weeks back the new update on ESEA was launched installing an ESEA Driver (Kernel Drive). I remember people wanted to start boycotting ESEA and such but when I visited the ESEA forums and tried to talk about it people didn't really seem to care at all? I guess what I'm asking here is did people just stop caring and go back to ESEA despite having the Kernel drive or are people still on about ESEA and such?
Links that I'm referring to:
Thanks for answering my question.
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How quickly we forget

You realize that massive vac waves are directly impacted by ESEA right?
How quickly everyone has forgotten that superx0's cheats would have never been caught without ESEA, no KQLY, sf, smn....
Stop crying about how intrusive ESEA is, its just as intrusive as any anti-virus you use. Honestly i could care less that its a boot program now, i dont cheat, i have nothing to hide, lpkane can look at my porn stash all he likes.
EDIT: also if you dont even play ESEA, why are you crying? A massive number of long time ESEA users are either happy or just dont care that this happened.....
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About ESEA...

So I've had an account on ESEA for about a year now but I've never actually done anything more than signing up on the site.

I know a few things about ESEA:

Am I essentially correct about this? I also have a few questions about ESEA:

I'm just really curious about all of this because I've heard so many good and bad things about ESEA. I would really like someone with experience and knowledge on everything to clear things up for me, thanks.
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Story about ESEA installing Bitcoin mining software is currently number 1 in /r/Games

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ESEA lpkane. Still the same. Reddit, I need your help!

After looking at a thread on ESEA I see one about what lpkane drinks when he goes out. A guy was bashing him about the bitcoin scandal, and he approached it in a very professional manner. So my response was "has torbull tamed lpcoin" Soon later get a message that I have been banned for 1 year, subscription cancelled. My friend read the thread after as I can not view the site now, lpkane's response to me was "challenge accepted" If anyone knows how to get a hold of Craig "Torbull" Levine, please message me. This can not be a legitimate reason to ban someone for a entire year. So reddit, PLEASE HELP! ESEA alias: CRIPWALKLOCH
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Bitcoin Fiasco

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Investigation: ESEA caught being shaddy again!

As we all know, ESEA was caught illegally using their user's computers to mine bitcoins. Some of these users have complained about damage to their hardware. In response, Craig 'Torbull' Levine issued a statement that said "We also ask anyone who has experienced any physical damage to their computers to open an ESEA support ticket." Fastforward a few days, ESEA Premium member pissjugs posts a screenshot of a reponse from Levine that says the affected computer would need to be shipped to PC Werks in Garland, Texas. Going to the PC Werks website, one will notice two different phone numbers. The first, 214-658-8352, located in the top righthand corner and the second, 214-341-2852, located in the homepage promotion banner. After Googling the second number, one will find that this is also the same number as an organization called Lethal Gamers. If one goes to the Lethal Gamer's contact page, one will find two email addresses. One is [email protected] and the other is [email protected]. After Googling Lethal Gamers, one will find this ESEA News post about an upcoming Lethal Gamers lan event. Reading through the comments on ESEA, one will learn that Lethal Gamers is run by two guys named Brett and Laurent. Specifically in post #55, ESEA Administrator iTech links to Brett's and Laurent's ESEA profiles. Looking at Brett's ESEA profile you'll notice he goes by B 'Few' S and if you look at his biography you'll also notice that he has been working for ESEA News since 2010. Furthermore, you'll also notice that both Brett 'Few' S and Laurent 'glostik' Genin are both mutual friends with Craig 'Torbull' Levine and Eric 'lpkane' Thunberg on ESEA. So as it stands, we've uncovered that Levine is attempting to get users to ship their computers to a computer repair store that has affiliation with ESEA employees and most likely is staffed by ESEA employees, talk about a conflict of interest. However, let's not stop there. Let's look into some of Laurent 'glostik' Genin's and Brett 'Few' S's comments on the bitcoin matter. Here is a post made by Laurent 'glostik' Genin that reads "I am just wondering how you are going to prove without a shadow of a doubt that your video card was fried by the esea client. In the world of electronics that is going to be near impossible." After I contacted ESEA management about the issue, Laurent 'glostik' Genin responded in the Bitcoin Fiasco thread saying "That PC Shop hes asking you to send stuff to is the same one thats run LethalGamers for 12 yrs. They have always supported the gamers and done alot for the gamers. If theres something legitly wrong with your stuff, they are going to tell you. They are not biased towards anyone."
tl;dr - Torbull is telling users that they would need to ship their PC's to a computer repair shop that has affiliation with ESEA employees and is most likely staffed by ESEA employees. These same employees have commented on ESEA saying the issues are "near impossible" to prove. This is a major conflict of interest. Imagine if you got into a car accident and the person that hit you wanted you to take your car to their uncle's bodyshop but without telling you it's their uncle's. This situation is no different.
EDIT: This morning, Torbull released a statement on the bitcoin claim process
EDIT2: ESEA user The_jorster recounts his positive experience with the recourse process.
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Was gonna buy/ play ESEA but then I saw this reddit thread.

Noticed this thread on reddit ummm, can anyone explain is it safe? Should I not sign up. I'm so confused, I don't wanna sign up for something that doesn't protect my information- not to mention their site looks kinda shitty.
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Is ESEA safe to use now?

I was thinking about getting ESEA but after the whole bitcoin thing I am not sure if I trust it on my computer, is it safe to use now or is it still shady as hell with all of the bitcoin mining?
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The eSports legend himself, Team3D founder, Craig "Torbull" Levine

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Landing A Plane In The Ocean - YouTube Separation Anxiety  The Daily Show - YouTube thanks lpkane I Survived on Only Bitcoin for 24 Hours - YouTube iPhone SE  Die Premiere - YouTube

23 votes, 39 comments. In case you do not know about ESL's Acquisition, read more Well, if he ever comes out to talk with us I have some questions … Skandal: ESEA nutzt Client als Bitcoin-Miner *UPDATE* Eine unglaubliche Nachricht erreichte die Szene-Seiten am heutigen Mittag. Wie ein User herausgefunden haben soll, nutzte die ESEA ihre Nutzer seit dem 14.04.2013 aus, um Aufgaben zu lösen, die Bitcoins einbringen. Dies soll über den PUG-Clienten passiert sein - die Grafikkarte des Users wurde dabei verwendet. Bitcoins sind eine neue Art ... Das ist für mich besser als Gold oder Bitcoin. Und vielleicht auch dein Weg, um jetzt das Fundament für einen wohlhabenden Ruhestand zu legen. Unsere Top Nischenaktie mit Potential zum Technologiestar. Jedes Amazon von morgen fängt mal klein an. Deswegen sind Small Caps so interessant. Unsere Top Small Cap für 2020, von der viele unserer Analysten begeistert sind, bedient einen wichtigen ... ESEA co-founder Craig "Torbull" Levine has issued a statement to shed some more light into the scandal involving the Bitcoin scandal. The gaming community woke up to the news that a malware which used the users' graphic card to mine for Bitcoins, was coded into ESEA's client on April 14th and had been running ever since, raising more than $3,600 in this two-week period. ESEA secretly added a bitcoin miner to the ESEA client (illegal), whenever you left your computer idle or didn't use your graphics card for 10 minutes, the bitcoin miner would take over and start using your GFX at 100% to mine. Basically ESEA added a virus that used your hardware to farm them money. For you that meant increased electricity bills and reduced life expectancy for the hardware ...

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Landing A Plane In The Ocean - YouTube

Gossip Room est une communauté sur les réseaux sociaux, créée il y a 7 ans, qui regroupe aujourd’hui des millions de passionnés d’actualité TV, people, série... 4,7" klein. Porträts in Studioqualität. Scharfe Videos in 4K. Lange Batterielaufzeit. Die Sicherheit von Touch ID. Datenschutz serienmäßig. Und der A13 Bioni... The Daily Show takes a hard look at the crisis the Trump administration created by separating families at the U.S.-Mexico border and scrutinizes their defens... This is Weekly Dose Of Aviation #33 Links to sources: Plane Lands In The Ocean - Helicopter Landing - Share your videos with friends, family, and the world