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Daily analyze of cryptocurrency 20190824(Encrypted calendar has been updated to 31st)

Daily analyze of cryptocurrency 20190824(Encrypted calendar has been updated to 31st)

Market feedback Fear status
The Ministry of Industry of Missonis, Argentina, launched the JellyCoin token to reward citizens who effectively dispose of garbage. Earlier this week, the Ministry of Industry of the Province of Minas, Argentina, announced that it would soon begin to reward citizens who effectively dispose of garbage with a new cryptocurrency. The community’s “Hive” project aims to create a blockchain-based token called JellyCoin, which the government will award to the citizens who comply with environmental regulations.
  1. US House of Representatives: Congress will continue to review Facebook’s Libra.
  2. Amazon AWS is now BUG to a number of exchanges trading abnormalities 0.3 US dollars turnover more than 40 BTC. 3. Insiders: The central bank will issue licenses related to the central bank’s digital currency.
  3. Coin Security will provide lifelong membership services to KYC users and announce the latest investigation of the leak.
  4. At least three early supporters of the Libra Currency Association considered withdrawing for regulatory reasons.
  5. The Bank of England Governor urged the Libra-type reserve currency to end the dominance of the dollar.
  6. Central Bank: The development of electronic payment instruments with digital currency characteristics has made progress.
  7. Bank of Japan executives: We promote bitcoin, but only for control.
  8. The US Food and Drug Administration will use blockchains to improve the review and recall of pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Encrypted project calendar(August 24, 2019)

BTM/Bytom: Bytom will host the Bytom DevCon 2 technical competition on August 24th. The Bytom will reward the winners and support related projects. BNB/Binance Coin: The currency-based Launchpad will be launched on the Perlin project on August 24th, still using the BNB position snapshot lottery mode. The Launchpad IEO hardtop is 6,700,000 USD.

Encrypted project calendar(August 25, 2019)

CHX/Own: The Own project will launch the SillyCoin Valley game product on August 25.

Encrypted project calendar(August 26, 2019)

ICX/ICON: ICON(ICX)ICONists will vote for P-Reps and receive ICX awards starting August 26. MBL/Moviebloc: MovieBloc will share details about the MovieBloc service and wallet features in MovieBloc Service Preview 2 on August 26th. ETHOS/ETHOS Token: ETHOS Token (ETHOS) BitMart The first ETHOS Token Trading Contest will be closed on August 26, and participating users can divide 50,000 ETHOS.

Encrypted project calendar(August 27, 2019)

MAID/MaidSafeCoin: MaidSafeCoin Internet Coin (MAID) will host the 2019 Turing Festival in Edinburgh from August 27th to 29th. SC/Siacoin: Siacoin (SC) Pluralsight LIVE was held in Salt Lake City from August 27th to 29th, 2019.

Encrypted project calendar(August 28, 2019)

NULS/NULS: The NULS 2.0 Beta hackathon will be held from July 8th to August 28th, 2019. ZLA/Zilla: ZILLA (ZLA)’s complimentary $3,500 GD Token event will end on August 28.

Encrypted project calendar(August 29, 2019)

ICX/ICON: ICON(ICX)ICON will meet with HPB_Global in Korea on August 29th, and Asian Market Business Director Daniel Kwak will deliver a speech and will answer questions with participants. TYPE/Typerium: A 100-day countdown from Typerium will end on August 29th, and the project officially calls SecondComing. ONE/Harmony: The first phase of the Pangea project launched by Harmony is over, and the second phase will begin on August 29. KICK/KickCoin: KickCoin will be exchanged for KickToken for an exchange time of August 29, which will receive nearly 150% of the reward.

Encrypted project calendar(August 30, 2019)

XDCE/XinFin Network: 2019 TraceFinancial webinar will be held on August 30th WAX/WAX Token: WAX TokenSwap (WAX) to August 30, ERC-20 WAX Token token converted to WAX Token Cutoff UGAS/Ultrain: Ultrain community news, after the main network mapping starts on August 7, all UGAS holders must complete the registration of the Ultrain main wallet account by August 30th.

Encrypted project calendar(August 31, 2019)

ADX/AdEx: ADEX (ADX) will release the Validator Stack version 2.0 in August DADI/DADI: DADI will release the network CLI on August 31, with Stargates to support network services; and release Self Onboarding on the same day to allow the network to be more open. MITH/Mithril: The Mithril (MITH) team decided to implement the first MITH token destruction program on August 31. COS/Contentos: Contentos test network v0.5 “Jupiter” will be launched on August 31, this is the last version of the test before the main online line, alternate release.
Bitcoin price gained pace above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the key decline from the $10,975 swing high to $9,957 low. The recent wave was such that the price even spiked above the $10,400 level. Moreover, there was a break above the 50% Fib retracement level of the key decline from the $10,975 swing high to $9,757 low. However, the bulls faced a strong resistance just below the $10,100 level.
Additionally, yesterday’s highlighted important bearish trend line is acting as a solid resistance near $10,420 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The pair is now consolidating below the trend line and the $10,500 resistance. Moreover, the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the key decline from the $10,975 swing high to $9,757 low is at $10,510.
Therefore, the price could rally if it breaks the trend line and the $10,500 resistance area. The next stop for the bulls could be near the $11,000 resistance area in the near term. On the other hand, an immediate key support is near the $10,250 level. If there is a downside break below the $10,250 support, the price could start a fresh decline in the coming sessions.
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Price ng Bitcoin sa May 2020 aabot ng $55,000?

Price ng Bitcoin sa May 2020 aabot ng $55,000?
Ang Halvening ng bitcoin ay nangyayari kada-ika apat na taon. Ito yung pag babawas ng reward by 50 percent na nakukuha ng mga bitcoin miners. Sa kasalukuyan ang mga bitcoin miners ay nakakatangap ng 12.5(BTC) each time they successfully mine a block.
Pero by the end of May 2020( yung susunod na halvening) ang matatangap na lang ng mga miners ay 6.25 (BTC).
Ang idea ng halvening ayon kay Satoshi Nakamoto ay para labanan ang inflation.
Hindi katulad ng fiat currencies, na prone talaga sa inflation.
Limitado lamang ang supply ng bitcoin (21 million) na kapag na reach na nang network ang limit, wala ng bitcoin na magegenerate.
Ito yung explanation ni Satoshi Nakamoto sa kanyang email:
"The fact that new coins are produced means the money supply increases by a planned amount, but this does not necessarily result in inflation. If the supply of money increases at the same rate that the number of people using it increases, prices remain stable. If it does not increase as fast as demand, there will be deflation and early holders of money will see its value increase.Coins have to get initially distributed somehow, and a constant rate seems like the best formula."
Ginamit ni Satoshi Nakamoto ang logarithmic scale na nagtatakda sa tamang oras ng halvening.
Ibig sabihin kahit na 80 percent na ng bitcoin supply ang na mimina sa loob ng 10 taon, aabutin pa ng 2140 bago ma mina ang kahuli-hulihang bitcoin.
May mga research na nag sasabi sa susunod na halvening na magaganap next year on May 2020, kung saan mababawasan ang supply ng bitcoin sa market. Ito ay mag dudulot ng pag taas ng presyo ng bitcoin.

Kung pag mamasdan natin mabuti ang chart pattern nang bitcoin since the inception in 2009. Dalawang beses pa lang naganap ang halvening ng bitcoin—kasi nga every 4 years lang ito nangyayari.
Ang first halvening ay nangyari noong November 2012 at pag kalipas ng 12 months na abot nang bitcoin ang all time high na $1,000.
Sa pangalawang halvening na nangyari noong 2016 ganon din, after 1 year na reach ng bitcoin ang $19,000.
Mapapansin natin na pagkatapos ng halvening wala itong immediate impact sa price. Pero ang valuation ng bitcoin at tumataas pa unti-unti. Inaabot ng 12 months bago ma abot ang bagong all time high. At pag katapos, babagsak ulit ang price ng bitcoin. Hindi lang naman bitcoin kasama na rin ang buong market. Importante ang mga impormasyon na ito para sa mga investors na katulad natin.
Pero ano sa tingin nyo ang maaaring mangyayari sa price ng bitcoin sa May 2020?
May nabasa akong article na nagsasabi na pwede itong umabot ng $55,000.
Ito yung article:
Well, kanya-kanya tayo ng opinion.
pero sabi nga ni Mark twain
“History may notrepeat itself, but it rhymes.”

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