How Leah McGrath Goodman Found The Inventor Of Bitcoin

Does anyone have a scan of the actual print copy of Newsweek article? The article that was posted online has been edited since it's original posting time.

Just curious how the pics were handled and if it included the "endorsed by Gavin" quote that was in the article online when I first read it and is no longer there.
updated: The quote I was looking for was from an interview after.... BI: What happened when you got to his house? (Note: In the article, McGrath Goodman writes that the only thing Nakamoto would say is, "I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it," dismissing all further queries with a swat of his left hand. "It's been turned over to other people. They are in charge of it now. I no longer have any connection.")
LMG: I let him know I was coming, I did all I could to be really open. When I did come, I left him a Bitcard [a Bitcoin gift card — ed.] endorsed by Gavin. I came back two hours later, knocked on the door, and he called the cops.
But when they got there they said, "Oh what did you want to say?" I said, "I want to talk to him about Bitcoin," and it turned out they wanted to hear what he had to say — they were just like "Oh really?" It ended up that I was able to ask a few things ... It was his response to me that made it clear — if I weren't the founder I'd be like, "That's very amusing, I run a bagel shop."
Every journalist, we want to show up and and find the thing no one else found first, and have them congratulate you and have them say "Come in, let me make you a drink!" It wasn't the most satisfying thing, the fact that I couldn't have a conversation beyond a brief one.
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Leah McGrath Goodman: “I have learned this about the fanatical Bitcoiners: they will see this all in a different light once they reach puberty”

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/u/Combative_Douche gets downvoted for calling out death threats in a /r/bitcoin post titled "Leah McGrath Goodman: “I have learned this about the fanatical Bitcoiners: they will see this all in a different light once they reach puberty”"

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Leah McGrath Goodman now writing about Bitcoin Poker

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Newsweek's Leah McGrath Goodman Responds To Bitcoin Controversy [6:53]

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The Newsweek reporter who wrote the Satoshi story, Leah McGrath Goodman is currently being trolled in email by someone claiming to be from Bitcoin. She believes them.

Starts at this tweet:
1/3 Received mystery communique re a #Bitcoin, written in the royal "we," very similar to #Bitcoin paper from 2008...
Tweet two:
2/3 ...stating, "It goes much deeper than just Nakamoto (as you are aware)"..
Tweet three:
3/3 ...and offers a series of clues, like a treasure hunt. Ends with: "You are such a talented journalist and we enjoy all of your works."
It is really any surprise that this is the same reporter who published Dorian = Satoshi on the cover of a national magazine? The last line was pretty blatant in terms of giving away the troll/joke.
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Forbe's sponsored linguistics analysis shows Newsweek named the wrong man as Bitcoin's creator. Take that Leah McGrath Goodman!

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Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Found, Controversy Over Privacy Ignites: Newsweek Writer Leah McGrath Goodman Discusses Fallout

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What's going on with Leah McGrath Goodman and Bitcoin?

I am very aware of Bitcoin and even own some myself but I haven't been following any news so I've been out of the loop for a couple weeks, hence this post. Can anyone fill me in?
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Newsweek's Leah McGrath Goodman Responds To Bitcoin Creator Controversy

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Newsweek's Leah McGrath Goodman Responds To Bitcoin Creator Controversy

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Newsweek's Leah McGrath Goodman Responds To Bitcoin Creator Controversy

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What if Satoshi Nakamoto was Satoshi Nakamoto all along?

This post was originally published on this siteThis post was originally published on this site Leah McGrath Goodman, the Newsweek journalist who named Japanese-American man Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto as Bitcoin’s founder in 2014, is doubling down on her claim. In an Aug. 25 episode of the Pomp Podcast with Anthony Pompliano, McGrath Goodman revealed details of the research regarding her original Newsweek […]
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Ex-JP Morgan Trader Joins Bitcoin Bulls Launching Hedge Funds

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Update 1: Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto

First of all, I want to thank the Bitcoin community for the kindness shown and expressed for my brother. My heart is touched. Thank you.
I just talked to my brother with my dragon at my side for the first time in at least 2-3 weeks since this Newsweek episode turned our lives upside down, all lines of communications were cut. Majority of the world was not told that Leah was intruding upon people's privacy with zeal weeks before the launching of Newsweek hardcopies. It was agreed that none of "us" would talk. Make-Believe Journalism was never in our minds until the announcement by Newsweek.
I wanted to share with those who are interested some of the human interest side.
What is endearing about my brother are "things". Social concepts and personal thoughts that would be of a concern to a majority of the populace is not highlighted in my brother character. How would I word this? Dorian is a technically brilliant person who is more comfortable in an old crumpled T-shirt, cargo short pants, white crew socks and doesn't frequent mirrors at times to comb his hair. Leah McGraw Goodman got that right. The hair? Maybe a little more infrequent. These observations are not just mine. Over the decades, his friends who are and were executives in the aerospace firms and software engineering companies have told me the same things. I don't think I am going on the limb when I say that I wear 1/2 size white crew socks, wear Hawaiian shirts a lot and even collect vintage ones at that. That I can spend hours behind flat screens and not shave or comb my hair over the weekend. Since our Lexie, four footed member of the family passed on, I too am out less frequently due to no walks twice a day. If I am a geek, then so be it. I have seen my brother do exactly what he does before there was a culture of computer nerds or geeks, the terms weren't even concepts at the time. Besides, it is anti-fashion statement expressing freedom from fashion tyranny.
We talked and at no time did he express or mentioned what the Huffington Post listed as the #1 thing that should be taken from the Newsweek's story written by Leah McGraw Goodman. The number one thing is that his younger brother called him to be an asshole. In usual form, I know that Dorian forgave me and moved on just before we reconnected. I wish that I can have that kind of character to do exactly that in my life. In my life, I tend to remember stuff and not forget even though I have learned over time that I have the ability to forgive people. It's part of my life I have to continuously work on.
OK, here it is. Does anyone know or can ponder to guess why the AP reporter was given the exclusive? You guys all saw the video and I'm thinking some saw it over and over for details.
Dorian opened the front door and he announced who would buy him lunch. The photographers of all nationalities swarmed in pushing each other flashing cameras and video cameras spearheading the way. No one spoke out but a guy way in back near the end of the low cinder block wall yelled out, "I'll buy lunch". Dorian said that the AP reporter was the only reporter to make an offer to buy lunch while all the others kept on taking pictures and taking videos. That is how the AP reporter was chosen as told by Dorian. Now you all know before any other media.
Dorian had to take a short break. I am thinking things were hurting. I asked him what is a "hair ball". He said that he doesn't know exactly what a "hair ball" is and that it is probably what was called a spaghetti program long ago. Not well structured and has a lot of re-writing to do. In the short time he personally glanced at the write ups on the net regarding Bitcoin, he told me that the creator is "brilliant" but a poor code writer and that he could have done better with virtually no errors.
With that, I am now convinced that my brother is not the "Satoshi Nakamoto". Can he do it? I think, Yes. I believe it and what's more important is that he is among a very select few of people of "extreme interest" as it was told to me by authority on Friday.
I can see where Leah McGrath Goodman and the owner of Newsweek decided to throw Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto under the bus with a 20 to 30% probability that he is and dismiss the 70 to 80% that he isn't. Excuse me but Leah McGrath Goodman is such an 80's name. I am going to do her a favor and call her LMG. She is lucky that I don't call her LSMFT.
My stuff. Calculations made for me by BCG from data publicly available sources that there are only 7 people in the world. The initial calculation went something like this. Overall demographics ie: people with computer programming knowledge, coding skills, distributed network knowledge including swarming techniques, Polish notation programming...right down to having lots of personal time to write code, disregard for family or pursuit of sex that would take time and energy, highly disciplined, focused beyond the normal, obsessive personality or just plain as BC put it "crazy" and highly anti-government. And the final kicker of the name Satoshi Nakamoto that is given weight. By the way, Satoshi is not an unusual name in Japan. The name Nakamoto is from what BCG reported, originates from the Hiroshima area as most "moto" or "source" translated phonetically is defined. I have to state that BCG is tied to the pharm medical world with statistical demographic mainframes with various programs with claims of accuracy audited by the FDA.
I don't know specifically but I do know that I.Frank Nakamoto was born in Hiroshima before coming to America and then to later be thrown into an American concentration camps as a political prisoner in Perris, California for being a successful and outspoken businessman. I have been visiting his grave over many years at the Evergreen Cemetary in Boyle Heights.
What calculations told me is that when it comes to human beings and their unique characters, profiling is a loose and irresponsible pseudo name for WTF, it doesn't work. All the professional behavioral analysts that Newsweek may have hired, their obviously under qualified and desperate legal advisers if they hired some, loosely expert statisticians and financial advisers didn't mean crap when the end result is that they are wrong.
It's late and I have to get on with my reality. Once again, many thanks to the one and only forum that is a true community. Thanks for allowing me to vent. Thanks for the many posts of support. For those who a unsure, my sincerest apologies. My intention is to support my brother who supported me as a older brother is supposed to do. As the oldest brother, he, in Japanese and many other cultures including America, becomes the head of the family who takes care of the parent or parents. He is suffering right now and all I can do for this time being is figure out a ways to help from a distance due to irresponsible journalism operating at its finest. Instead of energies to minimize the 2nd Amendment we should spend time minimizing Freedom of the Press? I am not a Libertarian. I am a Conservative who thinks most of the Conservatives are Liberals.
Andreas, my sincerest thanks. If we meet in the future, one minute, who is going to buy Dorian lunch? I will buy my brother's and you a lunch.
Yalla, bye.
As always, I authorize nakamotodragon to answer questions in my absence.
Edit: proof for the non believers:
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Satoshi Nakamoto: The origin

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name that has been assigned to the fictional person who created and designed all Bitcoin protocol and software in 2008, the year in which the network and the first units of coins were created. The identity is still a complete mystery and what is known as Satoshi Nakamoto could be a pseudonym, a person or a group of people. This is one of the biggest mysteries in the world of the cryptocurrencies.
There are several journalistic investigations, groups and individuals that have tried to discover their true identity that until now is a mystery, even the CIA has stated that it cannot deny or confirm the existence of this individual.
There are 9 possible candidates that could be behind the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto:
  1. Vili Lehdonvirta.
He is a professor at the Institute of Information Technology in Helsinki, Finland. A New Yorker journalist, during the search for the identity of Nakamoto, adjudged him to be the creator of Bitcoin because during 2001 he used to program virtual games and coins; however, he has denied having any relationship with this project.
  1. Shinichi Mochizuki.
This mathematician from the University of Kyoto, Japan, got to be one of the suspects because he solved the ABC conjecture, this gave sufficient proof for Ted Nelson to consider him Nakamoto in 2013. Mochizuki denied being this person seven months later.
  1. Dorian Nakamoto.
This brilliant computer engineer was identified as the creator of Bitcoin by Leah McGrath Goodman, after that in an interview where, according to the journalist's words, he had admitted being the creator of the project. Nakamoto denied having any connection to work during an interview with The Associted Press.
  1. Nick Szabo.
The researcher Skye Gray in 2013 through a stylometric analysis determined that Szabo was the person that best suited the profile of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is a computer and cryptographic. Even though Szabo developed a pre-Bitcoin coin called BitGold, he denied being the creator of Bitcoin as we know it.
  1. Hal Finney.
Although he died in 2014, Finney has been the protagonist of many rumors related to the invention of Bitcoin. While he was alive, Finney denied his complete participation with the creation of the cryptocurrency, this action is awarded to him because he was the first person to receive a BTC transaction from the same creator.
  1. Craig Wright.
Wright is considered the creator of Bitcoin thanks to the fact that he attributed himself this creation on May 2nd, 2006. Although there is a lot of evidence that deny this fact, this man is known as the "FakeSatoshi" in the networks social.
  1. Neal King, Vladimir Oksman y Charles Bry.
The journalist Adam Penenberg in 2013 presented evidence that the trio was a fake person that is Satoshi Nakamoto. This theory originates because these three people applied for a patent in 2008 to register "Computationally impractical to reserve" and this document was used in the official document published by Nakomoto in October of that year. The domain was registered three days after the patent application. But King, Oksman and Bry totally denied this fact.
  1. Elon Musk.
Musk is nominated by Sahil Gupta to be Satoshi Nakamoto due to his background in Economics and his experience in history and innovation of many softwares. Musk immediately denied any relationship, but still Gupta says he is the one behind the Satoshi identity.
  1. Government agencies.
Although there is no proof that a government agency could have created Nakamoto as a fake person, this is a conspiracy theory that points to several organizations and countries as the creators of the character; the most famous is United States.
There are multiple theories and many people pointed out, but really, who knows the true identity of the creator of this network? Will we ever know?
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Another reason not to trust Newsweek: They are owned by a cult that encourages lying to expand their empire

While the abysmal journalistic integrity and quality of Leah McGrath Goodman's article is probably sufficient to indicate what to expect from future issues of the resurrected Newsweek, I thought it would be of interest to some of you to learn about the modus operandi of the owners of Newsweek.
The failing Newsweek was recently bought over by IBT Media, whose owners report to David Jang, a pastor whose followers believe is the second coming of Christ. This cult, EAPCA, controls a growing empire that includes the International Business Times, the Christian Post, Olivet University and more. They also control hundreds of domains that are nothing but empty shells pretending to be real organizations.
Though the cult does have its usual cultish practices like appointed marriages (termed 'Holy Matrimony') and secretive one-on-one bible studies, the relevant point here is that if you follow the reports on this organization, you will realize that the cult and their associated companies are very deceptive. In fact they preach that lying to further God's cause is okay and encouraged! Their young followers lie to their parents to get money for the cult. Their media companies lie about readership numbers in order to sell more advertising.
So now when it comes to this Nakamoto debacle, I suspect Leah is lying through her teeth when she insisted in her interviews that it was clear to both parties the topic was on bitcoin when Dorian said he is no longer involved. But perhaps she has still a shred of morality left as you can almost see her fighting back the tears. Lying face to face must be a lot harder than in written words.
TL;DR Newsweek and their owners are controlled by a cult that encourages lying in order to advance their growing empire. Do not expect any journalistic integrity from them. All they care about is getting more $$$ for their cult.
Relevant reading:
EDIT: Made a typo. Their US division is called Evangelical Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in America (EAPCA). They have other names in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore where they also operate.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 59 - Nakamoto

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" - Carl Sagan
There's nothing like the thrill of the hunt, to think you're following a lead that no one else has.
It's easy to get in too deep, to lose perspective when you're so sure you're right.
It's like trying to cold-read the Blockchain - the pieces are there, everything is connected, but there's a whole lot of room for misinterpretation if you get even one variable wrong.
Leah McGrath Goodman is learning the hard way, right now, the importance of having a great Editor on side. Someone to hold you back and make sure your 'i's are dotted and your 't's are crossed.
Because, while I personally take issue with pretty much her whole article, let alone the smug 'victory lap' tone found within it, I lay the blame for its existence, in it's current form, at her Editor's feet.
"He stands not with defiance, but with the slackness of a person who has waged battle for a long time and now faces a grave loss."
The internet community, not just Bitcoin, did a collective facepalm yesterday as this 'Reporter' proceeded to -- based on a very loose, very circumstantial set of evidence -- dox a 64-year old man; one still recovering from a stroke a few months earlier.
Let's let that sink in for a moment.
And let's also not forget that whatever failures are present in Leah's article are there because her Editor didn't have the presence of mind to say 'Hey, yeah, maybe we should make sure we're utterly rock solid on this?'
Thing is, I generally don't mind 'Gonzo' Journalism - this lady is absolutely no Hunter S. Thompson, but I understand her need for us to understand the journey she's been on. How 'hard' she's worked, alone, for months.
But in putting this story out -- clearly everyone involved missed the forest for the trees.
"What if we're wrong? What if we're setting up a 64-year old stroke victim to be harassed and attacked for the millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin he's 'supposed' to have?"
An Editor is supposed to be the lone voice in the wilderness - the one who catches you, brings you back on track when you've clearly strayed too far. I don't know what happened in this situation -- maybe this person didn't understand enough about Bitcoin to refute her, or reign her in. But the essentials, the core of Jounalistic Ethics (and yes, I know, I rolled my eyes too) is to make sure your facts are straight specifically because, when you're wrong, people can get hurt.
And you open yourself, possibly even your Masthead, up to lawsuits.
Luckily, American culture isn't known for being a litigious one, or Newsweek could end up in very serious trouble -- especially if something awful befalls this man or his family.
Seeing how the 'real' Satoshi Nakamoto has come forward, writing from a legit account denying he's Dorian Nakamoto -- I say 'real' because, without a PGP address, it still leaves the door open for speculation -- this whole article now finds itself in the throes of some very, very dangerous territory.
Let's just say that I would not want to be NewsWeek today -- hoping and praying with all their might that those media paparazzos watch their step, that all the stress of the next few weeks doesn't 'get to him'.
Unfortunately, as long as Journalists have leaders who are willing to believe that 'any publicity is good publicity', who're willing to be wrong and then double down on being wrong by trying to make the story about the Reporter herself we're going to have issues like this.
I hold Ms. Goodman accountable for her story, yes, but her Editor deserves to be receiving far, far more of the flack than they're getting.
They had the power to keep this story from being the clusterf*ck that it became.
And they failed mightily in that task.
I hope Mr. Dorian Nakamoto makes it through this situation unscathed, maybe, knowing American culture, he'll get a book deal out of it.
But, if nothing else, maybe the silver lining is that this will put out the clarion call, a reminder for those who would 'report the facts' to make sure, absolutely sure, they have their facts straight.
Because there are real lives at stake.
It's 8:19AM EST and we're at 57.52% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is on a sharp downswing from ~99 to ~72 GigaHashes per second. Our Difficulty has jumped and is holding steady at ~1216 from an earlier low of ~937.
As always, I thank you for your support!
EDIT: Over in /GoodShibe, the folks there have voted, overwhelmingly, that today we're going to Tipbomb the Youtube content Creator 'VSauce' to thank him for his continued hard work and excellent content. You can follow the Friday Action Thread here, as -Wargrave- will be leading the charge.
EDIT 2: Tipping @tweetsauce, @vsaucetwo and @vsaucethree with @Tipdoge! Let's make it happen folks! Use the Hashtags #dogecoin #TipBomb
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The Real Story: Leah McGrath Goodman Did Find An Interesting Person.

I have to give credit to journalist Leah McGrath Goodman for finding if nothing else quite an interesting person.
Dorian Nakamoto, aged 67, living quietly, is not the bitcoin creator hidden in plain sight. He is an American role model hidden in plain sight, an engineer with a hard science background. He is a testament to America's yesteryears, its dominance in STEM.
Looking at Mr. Nakamoto's career in various areas of old defense tech (radio cryptography, etc.) I can't help but feel sad that he was actually laid off after 9/11. For sure, the military industrial complex shed itself of real scientists in favor of engineers who made things go boom. We went from an era when civilian advances were applied to military application to an era of military designs that were advanced at killing civilians.
I hope that other journalists take a softer look at this interesting man. I see this fiasco as an opportunity not to hound Mr. Dorian Nakamoto about being what he is clearly not--the creator of bitcoin--but as a chance to ask him the more relevant question of "Are you the creator of (insert something he did make)?"
Edit 1. Regarding "radio cryptography" I inferred this from the newsweek source... "She recalls he came to the East Coast after leaving Hughes Aircraft, now part of Raytheon, in his 20s and next worked for Radio Corporation of America in Camden, N.J., as a systems engineer.
"We were doing defensive electronics and communications for the military, government aircraft and warships, but it was classified and I can't really talk about it," confirms David Micha, president of the company now called L-3 Communications.
Edit 2. TLDR Mr. Dorian Nakamoto has a great story to tell, journalists need to stop pinning bitcoin on him and find out.
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TIL that the creator of Bitcoin is still unknown. The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the computer programmer who invented the digital currency is a pseudonym and could represent a man, a woman, or even a group of people.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 90%. (I'm a bot)
Satoshi Nakamoto was the inventor of the bitcoin protocol, publishing a paper via the Cryptography Mailing List in November 2008.
The New Yorker's Joshua Davis believed that Satoshi Nakamoto was Michael Clear, a graduate cryptography student at Dublin's Trinity College.
In February 2014, Newsweek's Leah McGrath Goodman claimed to have tracked down the real Satoshi Nakamoto.
Dominic Frisby, a comedian and a writer, also suggests that BitGold creator Szabo was the most likely candidate to be Satoshi in his book, "Bitcoin: The Future of Money".
An analysis by Sergio Lerner, an authority on bitcoin and cryptography, suggests that Satoshi mined many of the early blocks in the bitcoin network, and that he had built up a fortune of around 1 million unspent bitcoins.
At the end of the day, bitcoin is now far bigger than Satoshi Nakamoto.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: Satoshi#1 bitcoin#2 Nakamoto#3 know#4 people#5
Post found in /todayilearned and /CoincidenceTheorist.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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PSA: Bitcoiners would like everyone to know that, contrary to Leah's accusation, they actually have already gone through puberty.
And best of all:
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Toast Retrospective: Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here is your Toast Retrospective for Thursday, March 6, 2014, delicious Toasties! (All Retrospectives.)
Reminder: the Retrospective no longer includes content notes; please feel free to ask if you would like to be advised of the content of a particular item before reading.

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Bitcoin founder revealed? Dorian Nakamoto, Disputed Bitcoin Inventor, is Traffic Safety Advocate Leah McGrath Goodman. Leah McGrath Goodman CNN interview

LEAH MCGRATH GOODMAN. Read news and updates about LEAH MCGRATH GOODMAN and all related bitcoin & cryptocurrency news. Displaying items 1 - 1 of 1 . The Many Facts Pointing to Dorian Nakamoto Being Satoshi. 02/17/2020 - 06:50. Submit a guest post. Today's popular content. Don’t panic? ‘Smart money’ whales are waiting to buy Bitcoin at $8,800 ; Bitcoin Will Be Accepted for Tax Payments in ... Leah McGrath Goodman is an American author and freelance journalist who has worked in New York City and London. She has contributed to publications and agencies such as Fortune, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast Portfolio, the Associated Press, Forbes and The Guardian. Leah McGrath Goodman, The Newsweek reporter, now infamous amongst the Bitcoin community for claiming to have discovered the creator of Bitcoin, is still staunchly defending her article. Dorian Nakamoto, whom Goodman believes is Satoshi Nakamoto, publicly stated that Newsweek misrepresented him and that he “never was involved” in Bitcoin. How Leah McGrath Goodman Found The Inventor Of Bitcoin "A lot of amazing journalists I look up to, instead of looking for his name, looked at all the coders in the world who might have done it." Update — 8:15 ET. Dorian Nakamoto has denied that he's the inventor of Bitcoin. Leah McGrath Goodman: I was wondering why no one wanted to know who it was, at least among the fanbase in Bitcoin. There'd always been a lot of talk, just a cult following of this man, but without ...

[index] [3785] [26906] [41942] [48466] [32847] [43663] [13904] [34430] [30145] [8561]

Bitcoin founder revealed?

More, and comments, here When Leah McGrath Goodman wrote her article naming Nakamoto as the founder, social media erupted in controversy. Some critics said the reporter should not have exposed the identity of someone who ... Newsweek reporter Leah McGrath Goodman quoted him in her story as confirming that he used to be involved with Bitcoin: "I am no longer involved in that and I cannot discuss it," he says ... Saw one got taken down so heres a mirror