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Looking to buy or sell eBay Business Seller Account ?

Hey people. I am the CEO of transfer-agents.co.uk The website is offline at the moment because we are designing the site. We have 300 plus eBay business accounts for sale at any one time. We have top rated accounts, power seller accounts and unlimited selling allowances accounts at affordable prices.

Question: How much does the accounts cost ?
Answer: The cheapest start from $20.00 and go up in many thousands:

Question: Do you have anything more established ?
Answer: Yes sure please take a look here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eSlmUWyClOySo7R7ac2Stwckx0yIYVqeB-poliV686Q/edit?usp=sharing

Question: Does eBay allow the transfer of accounts ?
Answer: More information is displayed in the T&C of eBay. Please take a look. We always advise owners and buyers to seek a solicitor to complete any part of a sale.

Question: What payment options do you accept ?
Answer: Most times Bank transfer, Paypal.com, Bitcoin.com, Cash in person, Visa & Mastercard!

Question: Is there any contract to sign when selling or buying a eBay account/business ?
Answer: Yes, For your own protection and the sellers its best to have a written agreement so say your the new owner and the old owner isn't liable if you do harm to the account.

Question: Am I able to pay monthly for an eBay account because I dont quite have the funds yet.
Answer: This all depends on the owner of the business so its best to contact us so we can arrange something.

Question: What features does your accounts have ?
Answer: We have all types of accounts, Top Rated, Power Seller, Unlimited and High Limit accounts. Small feedbacks and high feedbacks and even dormant accounts. We have running eBay busineses sold with LTD company name and bank account and dormant eBay companies for sale which have stopped trading.

Question: Please give me some examples of accounts you are able to offer:

I am also offering some of the lowest prices on eBay & PayPal stealth accounts.
  1. -( Contact us for price )-- VERIFIED FRESH PAYPAL STEALTH ACCOUNT that you can use for online transactions. No past transactions.
  2. -( Contact us for price )- - $500 LIMIT EBAY STEALTH ACCOUNT that you can link with your own stealth PayPal account.
  3. -( Contact us for price )-- STEALTH PAYPAL + $500 LIMIT STEALTH EBAY ACCOUNT that you can link together to get back selling on eBay.
  4. I ALSO HAVE $7500 AND $50000 LIMIT ONES, FOR £250 AND £400 RESPECTIVELY. Insane selling limits, all the work done to raise the pesky limits so you only need concern yourself with selling!
We have around 250 different accounts in stock ready to be sold!
1; 0 to 200 feedbacks with Unlimited item limit and unlimited value limit -( Contact us for price )-
2; 0 to 200 Feedbacks with 1000 item limit and £10,000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
3; 0 to 200 feedbacks with 500 item limit and £5000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
4; 0 to 200 feedbacks with 100 item limit and £3500 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
5; 200 to 500 feedbacks with Unlimited item limit and unlimited value limit -( Contact us for price )-
6; 200 to 500 Feedbacks with 1000 item limit and £10,000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
7; 200 to 500 feedbacks with 500 item limit and £5000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
8; 200 to 500 feedbacks with 100 item limit and £3500 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
9; 500 to 1000 feedbacks with Unlimited item limit and unlimited value limit -( Contact us for price )-
10; 500 to 1000 Feedbacks with 1000 item limit and £10,000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
11; 500 to 1000 feedbacks with 500 item limit and £5000 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
12; 500 to 1000 feedbacks with 100 item limit and £3500 selling allowances -( Contact us for price )-
These accounts will be aged accounts with history been using for buying and selling over the years.

Question: I dont know much about eBay do you offer any training on selling ?
Answer: The big established eBay businesses come with support and sometimes stock. Some businesses run as a dropship model so therefore no holding stock whatsoever!

Just to recap on what we are offering:
1 - You will have an eBay pro-shop fully set up for you by professional designers ready to list on.
2 - We setup the Amazon seller account with you so you can start selling on Amazon.
3 - We also give you access to many manufacturers and wholesalers across many categories.
4 - We will show you about best practice and optimising the listings on eBay and Amazon so you have a far better chance in people finding your items.
5 - We can share screens with you one to one on Skype.com and also we show you all about social media marketing and how to go about gaining valuable SEO for free.

The Benefits Are:
+ We will be there giving support to help with your business needs
+ No need to fly out to China and go to trade shows we have already done the hard work for you
+ We will be able to teach you all that we have gleaned from years of business
+ We know how the selling system works with Amazon and can show you how to get barcodes so you have a better edge over competitors.
+ We know what we are doing in terms of optimising the listings so people can find you.
+ We will teach you all that you need to know in regards to the online website and gaining SEO.
+ Hold no stock whatsoever so you can swap and change the niche whenever you wish.
+ Little ongoing costs with this business.

Each one of these benefits above could cost you thousands of pounds in not only your time, but also in travel and sending money to wrong suppliers, developing websites and listing items wrong and therefore losing sales etc - We can help you fast track to where you want to be – it’s that simple.

We own several companies all benefiting from the boost in online business and with no overheads and no bills to contend with, least of all greedy councils and landlords – it’s no surprise that online business is growing at a rate of knots in all sectors and to be fair, the high street and physical businesses (aside from the trades) are facing days that are truly numbered – last year’s appalling Black Friday sales on the high street were clear evidence of this.

You are of course more than welcome to come and meet us and we can show you accounts that have been set up doing extremely high volumes of sales and making incredible profits after optimisation. We have worked with some of the top sellers on both eBay and Amazon, people like Dario Lopez and he was in fact the owner of the 3rd largest eBay business in the at one point.


This should give you some idea of just what is achievable at the most extreme level with a business package of shops (eBay, Amazon, website), full training/support and access to genuine suppliers worldwide in both wholesale and also manufacturing worldwide.
We sell all of the businesses we offer with a full sales agreement and whenever you are ready for just a 50% payment we can start you off, after the deposit the remaining 50% is not even payable until you have full delivery of the main elements of the business/package and are ready to start dealing with suppliers.
I am very much looking forward to hearing back from you and of course if you wish me to I can arrange for a meeting so that you can see first-hand just how successful this exact type of package offer can be and also get a glimpse of how the pro-shops, suppliers and ongoing training we can offer are a massive part of making this all possible – all I would need is a day and time that you are free and I can then put it in the diary and confirm this with via email or Skype – fell free to add me on the details in the footer of this email.

Have questions :
Phone/WhatsApp/Telegram: 00447495 325237
Website: www.transfer-agents.co.uk
Skype.com: Businessesforsale
email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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