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Bitcoin trading in Australia

Hey reddit,
Just curious on what market I should be going with to purchase Bitcoins in Australia these days, there are a few choices and I, as with anyone, want the best price. I also don't want to deposit money into some scam site and lose it all.
Any assistance would be great, below is a list of the markets I'm aware of;
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Found something mildly interesting with the igot scam that happened to me earlier this week.


20th November: Transferred 1BTC (as $AUD) into igot account [note: Level 2 verification]
21st November: Initiated transfer to external BTC wallet, Circle.
23rd November: No transfers pending in Circle wallet
23rd November: Submitted report ticket to igot team:
Why is this taking so long? I started the transfer by BTC address THREE daqys ago, it's supposed to take between a few minutes and several hours, it's never taken this long!
How can I make it faster? Do you need verification or proof from me that I want this transaction, and I wasn't hacked?
This is infuriating.
See attached.
23rd November [three hours later]: Submitted a note with the same report ticket:
Report back to me.
24th November: Previous Support Ticket closed, with no response. Opened up another:
I started a transfer three days ago. My account is level 2. What's going on?
24th November [within an hour]: Support Ticket response from "support", no profile picture:
Hello [my user name],
Thank you for your email.
We are aware that this must be frustrating for you and are doing our best to have this resolved shortly.
Your withdraw will be processed soon.
Please accept our apologies for the delay.
My response [four hours later]:
I don't need an apology, I would just like the issue to be resolved...
Please use a different address if the previous one is faulty, which it shouldn't be, use this and do it manually.
(Bitcoin address code)
No response from "Ash".
My second response [11 hours later]:
The intended address where the BTC from this Circle account is my intended Circle account. I have notified Circle staff that I am expecting a transfer and as yet, it's still not even pending on their end. They sent me a public link, and this is in fact, an issue with YOU, Rick, not releasing the Bitcoin.[link with the Bitcoin address code)
So. This is the ultimatum you face.
Under Australian consumer law, you are committing a crime by not delivering a good which I have paid for and can show receipts for. If the BTC is not released to the address provided with 24 hours, I will be contacting NSW Police, NSW Department of Fair Trading, The ACCC and ASIC.
25th November [five hours later]: Support Ticket response from "Ash":
Hello [my user name],
Thank you for your email.
For your safety I've cancelled your withdraw.
Please re-withdraw and it will be processed shortly.
I took a look, and the full amount of BTC+0.0005BTC transfer fee is back in my igot wallet as Bitcoin.
25th November [four hours later]: My response to the ticket:
At your suggestion, I have provided another transfer with a different BTC wallet address.
I am quite experienced with Bitcoin transfer, and am throughly aware that the "pending" process may take several minutes to show up in the recipients transactions. After this, it may take up to several hours for a confirmed transfer which I accept.
If the transfer takes anywhere upwards of 30 minutes to so much as show up in my recipient wallet as "pending", I will indeed be alerting the government agencies listed above.
Meanwhile, I've called my banking institution and alerted them to the scam that is igot, and they are going to attempt to recover the transaction. They have emailed me a form to fill out to raise a claim. I have also contacted SCAMWatch via ACCC, [CrimeStoppers] who put me in touch with ACORN.
That's when I filled out the form, and I am of course taking this seriously, because fuck this piece of shit "Rick Day", wherever or whoever he may be.
I read the Terms and Conditions of All of them. Everything. And while none of the timing and dates coincide with each other, it's not the weirdest or most bullshit thing on there. If you look closely at the very first line, it says:
"This user agreement is a contract between you and Beaumont Ventures Ltd. (hereafter “igot”). By using the igot site, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully."
Google Beaumont Venture Ltd. or click this link ... That company is in England. igot had no offices at all in England, which you can check out at the bottom of the "about us" page which indicates the office addresses.
...urgh. More on this gargantuan load of assfuckery as it develops.
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IGOT is Terrible And Unfair

Hi guys,
I've used a lot of different methods to buy bitcoins. For sometime I just stuck with coinjar and absolutely loved them. Except they changed their site, needed me to re-verify and I just couldn't complete the verification process for some stupid reason. So I gave up on them and went to IGot. Heres what I thought.
  1. Worst support on the entire planet, they will never respond to your question, they always paste some some generic BS response. It's been over 2 days and I haven't even gotten a response for them.
  2. I felt tricked, not realizing until it was too late that I had to verify my entire account to pull my money out. Thats like a fucking scam. You can't do that.
  3. If you paid by bPay, I'm sorry they didn't make it more apparent to you but you will have to wait 7 DAYS to be verified after the payment is received. WTF?! Why the fuck would I use bPay if that was going to be the case? They need to make that more obvious.
  4. I ended up doing a direct deposit but since my bPay payment is the first transaction, I still have to wait 7 days.
All flash no substance. Coinjar was good, I liked them. IGot seems to me like a company that's out to fuck you. Just my opinion
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