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Atomic Wallet - The Best Universal Litecoin Wallet!

Atomic Wallet - The Best Universal Litecoin Wallet!
Atomic Wallet - The Best Universal Litecoin Wallet!
Hello, valuable crypto money followers. In this article, I would like to talk to you about the Atomic Wallet project.
Just as we all know that the cryptocurrency industry have gotten to a level where it can’t be stopped any-longer, we should also remember that this technology is still being faced with the challenge of fiat to crypto exchange because several individuals that are interested in purchasing and investing in cryptocurrencies do not have a good platform to easily convert their local currencies to bitcoin or other crypto assets.
Atomic wallet team have recognised this cogent issue and as such, they have come up with the great solution of integrating Simplex which is the largest licensed card processing company in the European Union.
Atomic wallet as we all know is a multi-feature wallet which affords its users the ability to store and manage 300+ cryptocurrencies, exchange their cryptocurrencies assets easily into other cryptocurrencies, monitor the current price of the supported cryptocurrencies among other features.

What Does the Project Promise?
Indeed the task is focused; to deal with our crypto cash resources dependably and to work through a progressively secure framework. So how is this going to be? A standout amongst the most critical issues that separates the Atomic Wallet venture from different activities is; rather than crypto trades on this stage, rather than keeping all crypto keys on the stock trades, they keep this data on clients’ gadgets. The clarification is that; We are never again ready to take our private keys and we are exceptionally protected. This is a great improvement …

What are the exceptional features of this wallet

· Ability to control your private keys by yourself only
· Private and anonymous transactions which prevents you from being hacked
· Easy to use built in cryptocurrency exchange
· Excellent user interface
· Always active customer support
· Reliable security measures which ensures the safety of users’ funds
· Very cheap and affordable transaction fees

What is Litecoin wallet?

You need to use a program to manage your Litecoins, it will keep your private keys and provide additional functions such as sending, receiving, exchanging, and more. With these programs, you’re able to manage and control your funds.

Signs of a good Litecoin Wallet

1. Security. Wallet security means the way your Litecoins and other cryptos are protected from frauds and hacking, how you manage private keys and what security technologies a particular wallet supports.
2. Accessibility. This feature implies simplicity in use and the ability to withdraw your funds from the wallet. A friendly user interface is a vital point for new users. When choosing a litecoin wallet, pay attention to its interface and the amounts you are able to operate with.
3. Functionality. If you want to choose a good LTC wallet, check it for additional services support, such as an ability to exchange cryptocurrency or buy crypto with a bank-card/paypal, etc.) In some wallets, like Atomic or Exodus, it’s possible to exchange Litecoin right in the application without visiting third party websites. Cryptocurrency will be transferred directly on your address after the exchange.

How does the framework work?
A standout amongst the most loved pieces of the stage is; individuals can make their very own requests for the trade between digital currencies, and they can be incorporated into the change orders made by others, this is extremely extraordinary …
To clarify this with a precedent; Let’s say I have a tad of Litecoin. I would prefer not to transform this Litecoini into dollars or Btc. So I need to get Lost with Ltc straightforwardly. You can change over Ltc to Iost by means of Exchange over the stage. You can even enter the sum physically in the event that you need. Right now you endorse the Exchange procedure, the Atomic Wallet begins the procedure to compute the most fitting commission and exchange the token at the greatest rate with the base expense. In this manner, as in the Ethereum framework, the cost of Gas isn’t given to the reasons, for example, the low token isn’t sent tokenize.
The Atomic Wallet application has been deliberately arranged to be utilized on each stage to contact all crowds. These stages; MacOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.
4. Customer Support. This is a vitally important to receive a fast reply on users concerns and help with troubleshooting. Good customer care is a sign of a good product. How fast will the support team help you, if you have any troubles? Crypto market is too volatile to wait days/weeks till someone will the issue. It is a good practice to reply within 24 hours.
How to setup Litecoin Wallet
Manage your Litecoin wisely! Learn how to setup Atomic Wallet to send, receive, exchange and buy LTC.
Buy Litecoin in a secure way
Install Atomic Wallet
Download the app. Atomic is a free and secure place to manage Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and more than 300+ assets.
Verify your Identity
Verification is required to prevent identity theft or fraud. Photo ID is required to make sure it's really you.
Get Litecoin
Start with $50 and up to $20,000 daily. Receive crypto on your wallet. Credit/Debit cards accepted. Get Wallet
Buy Litecoin with Credit Card
There are many ways to buy Litecoin (exchanges, hot wallets), but one of the most secure way to buy LTC is to use Atomic Wallet. With Atomic, you can easily purchase LTC, BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH and hold 300+ coins and tokens in one place where only you control your funds. Hold them and manage with comfortable interface.

You can buy Litecoin with VISA/MasterCard right in the interface of Atomic Walletand convert your USD or EUR to LTC.

Even if you have a JPY, CAD or any other currency card, those currencies are automatically converted to either EUR or USD, depending on your choice. It’s quite easy to use and doesn’t require specific tech skills.

Rates and Security

The fees are fixed at 7%. Each operation is fully conducted by Simplex, an EU licensed card processing company. You choose an amount and currency to buy and verify your ID. Then your bank holds funds until Simplex approves the request and makes an exchange. As a rule, you receive crypto in 24 hours.
As a result, the creation of an appropriate application will undoubtedly increase the use of the Atom Wallet for some customers. According to the designers, more than 100,000 people have downloaded the Atom Wallet since the effort was disbanded. Most people use the wallet routinely. This is an approved sign of trust in the wallet! I'm sure that the full delivery of compact apps on Android and iOS will be another upgrade to attract new customers.
This review is the author's personal opinion, based on information from public sources and is certainly not a trade or investment advice.

For more information about the project:

Author: hussnill
BitcoinTalk Profil: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2392652
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[Table] IAmA: WeAreA videogame developer AUA!

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Date: 2014-03-04
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Questions Answers
GabeN, what are your specs? Well, I'm a handsome man with a charming personality.
How do you feel about the Internet's obsession with you? It's entertaining for my friends.
U/Gl0we asks: SteamOS could potentially be the first commercial Virtual Reality OS - what plans do you have for the future of the platform? How do you want to tackle the harder problems like user input for example? U/remosito asks: What VR experiences are you personally looking forward to the most for Year 1 and 5? Have you personally played the HLVR mod that expands Valve's current VR implementation for Half-Life 2 into a full-fledged experience with body tracking? See this article for a short example of the great work that Wormslayer and adoral84 are putting together with the community's help. Finally - and I guess you get that question a lot - I wanted to ask about the title that everyone is waiting for and that lends itself perfectly for a VR adaption, due to its way of storytelling, the open world as well as the puzzle elements: Ricochet 2. Did the long development time have anything to do with evolving technologies such as Virtual Reality? Are you planning to bring full VR support to future titles, such as Ricochet 2? 1) Abrash was thinking about it for a while, and started to get serious around 2 years ago. He thought that we'd reached the point where VR problems were getting tractable. 2) User input is hard. We haven't seen a solution yet to the problem. It's in the next round of problems to tackle. We need to start doing experience fragments to help drive this.
U/Pingly and druidsbane ask: The vast majority of demos for the Oculus Rift are done with Unity. Does Valve have any plans to turn Source or Source 2 into a more user-friendly development system with a C++ API as well as easy tools and release it early to give VR developers a headstart? 3) Alex Vlachos is working on this now (getting Source 2 working well with VR). Unity is pretty useful for lots of things as well.
Hey guys! Thanks for doing this AMA! What was the strangest/funniest thing you guys received in the mail? - What is your favorite cosmetic item from TF2? 4Chan sent us a crate and offered to sell us a key to open it. We sold it on craigslist.
Hi! First of all, thanks for bringing Steam on Linux. 1) Do you use Linux in your everyday life? If so, what is your distro of choice? 2) Do you think that in the long run Linux will not only be the future of gaming, but also the future of desktop? 3) Is Valve planning to release any exclusive for SteamOS? Thanks in advance for your time! 1) Debian. 2) Probably. 3) No.
What do you think of twitch plays Pokémon? Very cool. Can't wait for twitch plays Dota 2.
Are you aware that a Redditor has to eat a hat now because you're doing an AMA? Edit: Hat should have to be a fedora. Post pics or it didn't happen.
Hi, Gabe! I've got a question about Steam Music. Forgive me if this isn't your area, or whatever. Is it possible for some sort of integration with services like Pandora and Spotify, in the future? I don't have a music library, per se, and mostly just use internet radio, so it'd be great if I didn't have to alt tab to change stations or skip songs. Could this happen? Yes, we've got some things in the works that we think you'll like.
What improvements will we see out of the Source 2 engine? The biggest improvements will be in increasing productivity of content creation. That focus is driven by the importance we see UGC having going forward. A professional developer at Valve will put up with a lot of pain that won't work if users themselves have to create content.
Why did you choose "Valve" as the company name? Because it was better than "Rhino Scar"
Is there any specific reason why you're doing this AMA? To support the fund raising effort we are doing for Seattle Children's Hospital with the Heart of Racing effort.
Link to theheartofracing.org
What is your favorite non-Valve video game? Mario 64.
Link to i.imgur.com When is Ricochet 2? When we announced our products years in advance in the past and then were really late delivering them, it was pretty painful for both us and the community. We'd rather not repeat that.
Dear Gabe, I believe it was the year 2011. The event was Blizzcon in Anaheim, California. I met you, lone, in the lore area while you were browsing through your iPad. I came up and asked for a picture. You seemed particularly perturbed by my asking. But ever since that day, I have yet to shower. Your musk keeps me warm on a cold winter's eve. When is HL3 coming out? That's a long time not to shower.
Do you ever play games such as tf2 on a secret steam account? Yes.
You guys are my favorite!! How many hours a week would you say that you spend actually playing video games and whats your current favorite? Dota 2 and about 20 hours.
I am planning on majoring in Computer Science, and I want to someday work in game development. What do AAA companies look at, other than a degree? Past experiences, etc? We look for a history of shipping things. There is no substitute for shipping things that make your customers happy.
Hey Gabe. What is your stance on the current government issues both in America and Europe around privacy and internet rights? A couple of years ago I donated a million dollars to the ACLU.
Can we please get an update on when we are likely to see Counter Strike Global Offensive for Linux? It's being worked on but we don't have an ETA.
Seeing as you (valve) are now rolling out the steam OS and steam machines will be coming to market soon, what do you think your core target market is, the desktop, pc gamer, or the living room console player? We see Steam Machines (along with SteamOS and the Steam Controller) as a service update to Steam, porting the experience to a new room in the house. As we've been working on it, we've focused first on the customers who already love Steam and its games. They've told us they're tired of giving up all the stuff they love when they sit in the living room, so it seemed valuable to fix that.
Hey Gabe and friends! Thanks for doing this AMA! If Valve could borrow an IP from another company to make a game for it, what would you guys choose? Gabe: The Warriors Coomer: Groundhog Day, Heathers Wolpaw: God Hand, Saints Row Ido: Casablanca.
Has Dota 2's growth been unexpected? And where will TI4 be held? We knew there were a lot of people playing Dota 1, and quite a few of those people worked at Valve, so our hope was that we'd do a good enough job on it that those people would play Dota 2.
We haven't finalized where this year's International will be. We are pretty sure it will be at Key Arena in Seattle, but we haven't gotten everything finalized, and there is always a risk that our schedules and theirs won't align in some way. As soon as we get everything finalized one way or another, we'll get the dates out there for everyone who would like to attend. Should be fun this year.
Will Kaci return? Yes.
When did you start collecting knives, and which are your 2 favorite in your collection so far? Since I was a kid. There are lots of great knife makers working today. Two lesser known ones worth checking out are Kevin Cashen at cashenblades.com, and Elizabeth Loerchner at Link to ecloerchner.com
With the success of Dota2, and then with CS:GO, what do you think is the future for esports on the PC? Also, with micro transactions in the games helping fund prize pots for tournaments, when do you think we will see a tournament fully funded by micro-transactions? Giving the consumers of content a direct relationship with the creators of content is something we think about a lot. That is what drove our thinking about how the community could be more involved in the tournaments that mattered to them.
Hello! This question is directed to Eric Wolpaw. I'm sure you've had this questioned asked many times, and if that is the case I apologize for repeating the past, but I'm curious as to how the process of writing a game looks like? A brief summary perhaps. How many fresh pots of coffee per hour? Etc. Wolpaw: It's a lot of loose sketching at first, and then a lot of dot-connecting and backfilling as the game gets closer to being done. Lots of procrastinating, too. Lots.
Did you intentionally give 3:30 minutes notice of your canceled AMA on 3/3 just to torture us? No.
Have you ever found your interest in videogames waning as you've grown older, or do you continue to enjoy playing games as a hobby as much as you've ever done? It doesn't seem to be age dependent in my case.
What are your thoughts on Valve making new IP's? An IP is really a tool for a development team more than anything else. The key is to have clarity around what is uniquely of value in what you are trying to do and not waste your effort on things that don't directly contribute to that.
Are you able to go into any details as to why Valve's VR headset is "lightyears ahead of the original Oculus Dev Kit"? I'm not sure I'd agree with that. We are collaborating with them, and want their hardware to be great.
Question for Mr. Newell. Was there a point in your life when you considered selling/leaving Valve and get away from gaming industry to do something else? Not really. I really like the people I work with and being part of the community.
I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Steam community for over ten years. I joined when it all began in September 2003. Looking back to 2003, what were your (and Valves) goals and visions for Steam back then, and did it turn out as planned? Also, What is your vision for the Steam platform and PC gaming over the next ten years? I'm not trying to dodge the question, but we find it more useful to think in terms of feedback loops than in terms of visions/goals. Iterating with the community means that your near-term objectives change all the time. The key benefit to Steam is to shorten the length of the loop. Longer term, we see that working at the level of individual gamers, where we think of everyone as creating and publishing experience. "How can we make gamers more productive" sounds weird, but is an accurate way to characterize where we're going. It may make more sense if you think of it as "How can we make Dendi more entertaining to more people".
If there was enough community interest, would Valve accept crypto-currency such as dogecoin or bitcoin on Steam? There are two related issues: one is treating a crypto-currency as another currency type that we support and the broader issue is monetary behaviors of game economies. The first issue is more about crypto-currencies stabilizing as mediums of account.
You are officially on Forbes billionare's list,it must be satisfying to know that you have made that amount of money in your lifetime, but as many billionare's seem to be depressed (or mask it with something like an addiction) Are there any decisions you have regretted outside of your proffesional life? Opening any link sent to me by EJ.
Hello Gaben how hard was it to promote Steam in 2004? Any time you do something new, it can be challenging. There's basically a normal distribution of pain. With that proviso, it was pretty much in the middle of the pain curve.
Hello GabeN (if I may call you that), how are you doing? Here's my question: Before Steam Greenlight was introduced, what was the process of adding a game to the Steam store? We got bottle-necked pretty fast on tools and decision making which lead us to Greenlight, and is now leading us to make Steam a self-publishing system.
How old were you when you start programing? 13.
What was your first language? ALGOL.
Hey! We haven't heard any more about lower cost Steam Boxes for streaming from existing hardware. Is that something that's still on the agenda? Yes. We're making some progress.
Has the decision to allow publishers to have their own storefronts and manage their own "stock" gone forward, or was that just an idea being kicked around? We realized that a store ought to be UGC (not just for publishers).
Hi Gabe. No question, but its my birthday. If you wish me a happy birthday, my life will be complete. Happy birthday, Bajeezus.
Last updated: 2014-03-08 17:56 UTC
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c'mon guys , help us to promote Fedoracoin , in your language .

Create a post with all the important information and share everywhere.
Can you see here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=463505.0
Like this (Italian version) (latest version):
Salve a tutti ,pochissimi di voi conosceranno questa cryptomoneta. Vorrei aggiornarvi elencando il potenziale e la community dietro a questo progetto. Informazioni dettagliate le trovate nel thread madre: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=391192.0 I TIPS sono forse la crypto con più pezzi, 500 miliardi (5 volte i Dogecoin, prima della modifica inflazionistica ) , fattore che reputo determinante sotto il profilo psicologico , ad oggi si scambiano frazioni di bitcoin e litecoin ...si possono considerare realmente moneta da usare in futuro in frazioni decimali? Ora è solo speculazione ,come tutte del resto. Di recente è stato implementato l'algoritmo KGW (Kimoto Gravity Well) , solo alcune monete lo hanno , ed è fondamentale per la stabilizzazione del net Hashrate. Attualmente è ancora molto profittevole , l'attuale difficoltà oscilla tra 15 e 20. La community è molto valida , potete seguirla,partecipando all' IRC channel dedicato.
Si differenzia dalla massa per tre punti cardine : il concetto di tipping, il sistema di pagamento ,date un'occhiata qui : https://pay.withfedoraco.in/ e soprattutto ,attualmente in fase beta ,sta per essere rilasciata e funzionante con il prossimo update del Wallet , (una killer feature la chiamerebbero gli inglesi) in esclusiva assoluta e temporale per qualsiasi cryptomoneta, un sistema di trasferimento , [u]non tracciabile [/u] ,definito " mixing node" . Potrebbe attirare l'interesse di molti , di certo questo moneta ha futuro roseo. Tra 3 settimane si dimezzerà il reward e oltretutto manca la possibilità di scambiarla in BTC, quindi grossi capitali non ancora pervenuti (petizione su cryptsy : https://cryptsy.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/76655/page/2 ) Ora capitalizza 1 milione di dollari , ma in tre settimane c'è stato un accumulo e distribuzione di quasi 6 milioni :
Un po di dati :
[url=http://fedoraco.in]FEDORACO.IN[/url] [url=https://twitter.com/fedoracoin]TWITTER[/url] | [url=http://facebook.com]FACEBOOK[/url] | [url=http://www.reddit.com/FedoraCoin/]REDDIT[/url] | [url=https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.freenode.net/#TIPS]FREENODE[/url]
[center][table][tr] [td] [img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_info.png[/img] [hr]
TiPS (a.k.a. [url=http://fedoraco.in]FedoraCoin[/url]) leads a whole new paradigm in the world of cryptocurrency. With a click of a mouse users of the currency can send money anonymously to anyone all over the globe. With FedoraCoin being the largest LiteCoin-backed market right now you can be sure your TiPS will make more of an impact than ever.
[color=Lightgrey]••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••[/color] [url=http://www.reddit.com/FedoraCoin/comments/1tyfo4/getting_started_guide_guide_for_beginners/][b]Getting Started Now![/b][/url] [color=Lightgrey]••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••[/color]
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_specs.png[/img] [hr]
[b]Algorithm[/b]: [color=gray]Scrypt[/color] [b]Max Coins[/b]: [color=green]500,000,000,000[/color] [b]Block Time[/b]: [color=brown]60 seconds[/color] [b]Difficulty Retarget Time[/b]: [color=blue]10 minutes[/color] [b]Premine[/b]: [color=red]3 blocks[/color] as test. [url=https://archive.installgentoo.net/g/thread/38958517#p38963172]Original Annonce[/url]
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_rewards.png[/img] [hr]
[b]Block[/b]: [color=green]0 - 51,999[/color] : [color=brown]0-5,000,000[/color] [color=gray]TIPS[/color] [b]Block[/b]: [color=green]52,000 - 103,999[/color] : [color=brown]0-2,500,000[/color] [color=gray]TIPS[/color] [b]Block[/b]: [color=green]104,000 - 207,999[/color] : [color=brown]0-1,250,000[/color] [color=gray]TIPS[/color] [b]Block[/b]: [color=green]208,000 - 415,999[/color] : [color=brown]0-625,000[/color] [color=gray]TIPS[/color] [b]Block[/b]: [color=green]416,000 - 831,999[/color] : [color=brown]0-312,500[/color] [color=gray]TIPS[/color] [b]Block[/b]: [color=green]832,000 - 1,663,999[/color] : [color=brown]0-156,250[/color] [color=gray]TIPS[/color] [b]Block[/b]: [color=green]+1,664,000[/color] : [color=brown]50,000[/color] [color=gray]TIPS[/color]
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_exchanges.png[/img] [hr]
• [url=http://coin-swap.net][b]Coin Swap[/b][/url] - [url=https://coin-swap.net/market/TIPS/][color=green]Many Coin Trade[/color][/url] • [url=http://www.coinedup.com][b]CoinedUp[/b][/url] - [url=https://coinedup.com/OrderBook?market=TIPS&base=LTC]TIPS/LTC[/url] • [url=http://www.cryptsy.com][b]Cryptsy[/b][/url] - [url=https://www.cryptsy.com/markets/view/147]TIPS/LTC[/url] • [url=http://www.bter.com][b]B-TER[/b][/url] - [url=http://bter.com/trade/tips_ltc]TIPS/LTC[/url] • [url=http://openex.pw][b]OpenEx[/b][/url] - [url=https://openex.pw/index.php?page=trade&market=118]TIPS/BTC[/url] • [url=http://www.allcoin.com][b]AllCoin[/b][/url] - [url=https://www.allcoin.com/trade/tips_ltc]TIPS/LTC[/url] • [url=http:///cryptorush.in][b]Crypto Rush[/b][/url] - [url=https://cryptorush.in/index.php?p=trading&m=TIPS&b=LTC]TIPS/LTC[/url] | [url=https://cryptorush.in/index.php?p=trading&m=TIPS&b=BTC]TIPS/BTC[/url] • [url=http://www.swisscex.com][b]Swisscex[/b][/url] - [url=https://www.swisscex.com/market/TIPS_LTC]TIPS/LTC[/url] | [url=https://www.swisscex.com/market/TIPS_BTC]TIPS/BTC[/url]
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_node.png[/img] [hr]
[code] addnode srv1.fedoracoin.net add addnode srv1.fedoracoin.net onetry addnode srv2.fedoracoin.net add addnode srv2.fedoracoin.net onetry [/code]
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_admin.png[/img] [hr]
• [url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=193414]invisible[/url] - [i]TiPS lead developer[/i] [/td] [td] [/td] [td] [img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_news.png[/img] [hr]
The latest news about fedoracoin. Like a new coming apps or something like that!
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_update.png[/img] [hr]
Something about LATEST UPDATE here!
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_downloads.png[/img] [hr]
[url=http://fedoraco.in/#how]Windows[/url] | [url=http://fedoraco.in/files/0.60/fedoracoin-0.60-win32.exe]Installer[/url] | [url=http://fedoraco.in/files/0.60/fedoracoin-0.60-win32.exe]Standalone[/url] | [i][color=green]Version 0.60[/color][/i] [url=http://fedoraco.in/#how]Linux[/url] | [url=https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/fedoracoin-qt/]Arch Linux[/url] | [url=http://fedoraco.in/files/0.60/fedoracoin-0.60.tar.gz]Tarball[/url] | [i][color=green]Version 0.60[/color][/i] [url=https://github.com/fedoracoin/fedoracoin]Source Code[/url] | [i]Github FedoraCoin[/i] [url=http://www.reddit.com/FedoraCoin/comments/1y8n8s/psa_060_osx_wallet_released/]MAC OS[/url] | [i][color=green]Version 0.60[/color][/i] [list] [li]Thanks to MystPhysX, you can TIP them at[/li] [li][color=maroon]EUPHoriC2havByVtFbHTgG83zawY5SETjX[/color][/li][/list]
[color=Lightgrey]••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••[/color] [url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=471660.0]Changelog 0.60[/url] - [i]Built-in coin mixing/anonymizer Service[/i] [color=Lightgrey]••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••[/color]
[img]http://fayens.com/images/tips/tips_pools.png[/img] [hr]
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Stop trying to get blood out of a plastic turnip. It's not working.

Every time I go on reddit or tumblr or other sites and notice links to some headlines about either hilariously abusive "innovations" in products to improve sucking money out of people or new ways to make lives worse for workers -- the usual doxxing followed by firing for hatethink or using wearable devices to spy on workers going to the bathroom I get reminded of how the economy is basically stagnant but trying to cover it up.
The 200+ year burst of visible economic growth is either over and about to go into reverse or more optimistically going to a plateau. This isn't a sudden slowdown mind you, for an increasing part of the US's population this process began as early as the 1970s.
Before you respond, note that I specified economic growth not GDP growth. GDP growth is doing just fine for now as the stock market and brisk sales of dragon dildos or games on steam show(This will probably change soon. The big jolt of inflation in things like say meat that I've noticed recently won't be good for either the economy or the GDP.)
No matter what you do short of a literal miracle or a near-miracle involving a mix of HARD work and scientific breakthroughs of the "rewrite laws of physics" level you're not going to bring economic growth back anytime soon.
If we're really lucky we'll get a steady-state post-growth society with a few generations of a rough adjustment to energy depletion, automation, dysgenics and simple governance failure -- people working outside of the system just to live. Think a mix of soviet kitchen gardens plus bitcoin and mass pirating of entertainment(if 3D printing pans out, expect piracy of medicine to become a thing) along with people trying to work for cash under the table.
Conversely on the worst end is things going dark age-ish after series of steep crises handled with unusually poor leadership. I'm not going to elaborate on this much, but think John Michael Greer's "Long Descent" but for more reasons than just the weather getting funny or resource problems.
For what it's worth, I'm somewhere in the middle on this and consider the first to be possible, but something closer to the second to be more likely(that said, like Greer I expect things to go downhill over a century or two).
Before you respond with [x red pill] to fix the economy please consider the following objections:
Putting money into AI? Probably a rathole, and even if it's possible would be impossible to tell from an uploaded human or a human in the next room using an internet connection.
Freeing corporate capitalism with more "deregulation" for the big boys and bailouts when they blow the bank's money on cocaine? Not working. Look at the lack of even a bush-era "jobless recovery" or America's health insurance companies for proof of this. Such fecklessness and lack of basic competence in the helmsmen of many large companies shouldn't surprise you. Read "the iron fish behind the invisible hand" or look at libertarian stuff on the monopolies/cartels governments create not helping matters. I'm not exactly the most free market, but it's clear that an economy that's more organic rather than one stuck on the treadmill of growth and consolidation is less likely to blow up if the growth dries out. Compare Birmingham in the UK which is doing relatively well to any number of rusted out single-industry cities in Britain's north for an example of where this consolidation endsu p getting you.
Expecting people born after 1980 to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and Man up? This one is honestly as much a joke as the idea of trusting in Silicon Valley. Boomers and Xers having the gall to complain about people born after 1980 not succeeding in an environment with 1) much more regulation 2) much harder for people to recover from youthful mistakes(police records are national, facebook, background checks, googling) 3) more barriers to entry with the college cult being the worst is truly sickening. The student loans is the biggest thing, I was lucky enough to come from a family where 1) We could afford to not have the debt issue 2) My older blood relatives might be sometimes annoying but lack the sheer sociopathy we seem to observe for alot of people in the boomers or Xers and were able to help so I lack this issue. I have friends not lucky enough to be able to run afoul of either #1 or #2. At least the ones writing bitchy articles. I hope these people like ending up on the streets or in the rat-filled retirement homes they'll be able to barely afford with the economy staying in the dumps or more likely slowly declining. People who are weebs or fedora-wearing neets or idiot "playa" types are merely responding to these incentives. If you want people born after 1980 to either be able to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, or for the ones not criminally-inclined enough to get EBT cards to reproduce en masse you're going to need to do a fumigation -- a simple housecleaning won't be enough.
Allowing for de facto decline in minimum wages thanks to inflation? It's been done since the Reagan years -- if we'd kept the minimum wage up with inflation it'd be around $20 per hour. Stop trying to compete with China or Mexico -- one will game things to keep wages down the other is just dysfunctional. Globalization in general being crazy merits a rant of it's own.
Immigration? Importing third worlders to do the "jobs americans won't do" in both the picking cotton in fields or STEM major office concubinage does wonders for the "professional" and upper class's standards of living but just adds more pollution and destroys social capital with diversity. This isn't even getting into more controversial and deeply rooted biology issues but that's yet another rant.
Sustainability? This one comes closer and can actually be done by people on a local or community level if you pull it off. Even minor things putting money you'd use for cable/netflix(torrent everything) into solar panels for the roof or learning to cook instead of constantly driving out to pick up takeout or simply either buying less(get a new computer every 4-6 years instead if you must. You won't be able to be current on games but that's not an issue imo) or mostly buying used if possible. I'm not asking you to go back to the land here. It won't really help keep things going, but you will be better-positioned to not just survive but do well if thing start going... poorly. At the very least a bunch of neo-peasants or hipsters makes a less juicy target for Warlords Javon or Jose to rob so muddling through has that advantage.
Trusting in our friends in Silicon Valley? Now this is the most common delusion held by people, the opposite extreme from muddling through like the last one and a good chunk of what provoked this rant being thrust down reddit/tumblr's throat. Trusting the pencil-dicked STEM aspies kind of worked out in the 80s and 90s before they discovered the concept of selling programs as services and apps in a big way since we'd get usable programs and they'd get money, with the occasional extreme success story. The problem is that that changed and now they've discovered apps, DRM, microtransactions and the old AOL/new apple walled garden model to figure out how to milk more money from people in an environment which isn't just zero-sum but negative-sum. On top of the negative-sum environment we have in America legal requirement that the shareholders be treated as royalty. Since corporate shareholders tend to want stable or growing investments this tends to cause 1) increased efforts at monetization 2) focus on sneaking ads by people 3) focus on targeting ads better 4) making everything be locked down so you can't do things like say bypass the ads or if it's a video site do "piracy" and the worst of all 5) UI changes done just to make things look new and to not make the site more usable. The most egregious example of this would be google's sodomization of youtube over the years. Besides just making life worse for people who want to say find anime on youtube, Silicon Valley also creates tools to encourage work environments that resemble 1984 -- think the wearable spy devices mentioned in /darkfuturology to check how long people go to the bathroom as one example of this.
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If you have Fedora 20 setup and a copy of Finale already you can apparently run it under Wine, at least according to this thread titled: Finale 2014 without Windows or Mac. excerpt. Hey all. Heads up: Finale 2014 is working perfectly on Linux. You can use PlayOnLinux (or basic WINE) and performance is incredible. Of course, if you insist on ... IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All content provided herein our website, hyperlinked sites, associated applications, forums, blogs, social media accounts and other platforms (“Site”) is for your general information only, procured from third party sources. We make no warranties of any kind in relation to our content, including but not limited to accuracy and updatedness. After reformatting a disk that I think had nothing to do with the Fedora installation, it now boots always in emergency mode, no matter what "Fedora" option I choose in the bootloader. My disk configuration: I have 3 500GB disk in an array with Intel Matrix Storage. The array was split in 2 disks. One of them, Raid 0. Fedora (home, root, swap ... The World's Leading One-stop Digital Asset Service Platform. Sign up . Worldwide distributed digital asset trading platform BTC [Bitcoin] 0.01 FedoraCoin = 0.000001 Bitcoin: 0.1 FedoraCoin = 0.000001 Bitcoin: 1 FedoraCoin = 0.000001 Bitcoin: 2 FedoraCoin = 0.000001 Bitcoin: 3 FedoraCoin = 0.000001 Bitcoin: 5 FedoraCoin = 0.000001 Bitcoin: 10 FedoraCoin = 0.000000001 Bitcoin: 20 FedoraCoin = 0.000000002 Bitcoin: 50 FedoraCoin = 0.000000005 Bitcoin: 100 FedoraCoin = 0 ...

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